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Mordecai Portal

Introducing the Mordecai Portal! The Mordecai Portal allows you to control everything related to your member accounts including refunds, subscription cancellations, password resets, tickets and more.

Benefits of the Mordecai Portal

Relying on anybody else to manage your ministry is diffuclt. We’ve made a portal that allows you to manage all of the customer service for your members yourself. 

  • The portal is “all in one” meaning you can manage your entire site and your customers in one place.
  • Integrates with your gateway.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Escalate tickets to Mordecai.

All in one place

Maintain your ministry community in one place.

Handle & review gateway transactions

The portal gets automatically connected to your Stripe account, so you no longer have to sign into stripe to handle your member subscriptions.

Manage member accounts

Reset passwords, issue refunds, review gateway transactions, cancel subscriptions and more. Your members can be taken care of!

Ticket Escalation

Any issues that you cannot address in your portal renders a ticket to Mordecai. You can issue tickets to Mordecai from this portal.


We make our software easy and “to the point” Our backend portal makes it easy to maintain anything in your community, from the way a category appears on the University, to managing a members subscription.

Control everything your way.

All features of Mordecai are “toggle-able.” You can enable or disable features you like or dislike including user-messaging, podcasts, blogs, videos, the university and more. 

Manage Members

Manage member accounts to maintain a happy, healthy community.


Manage all content for your community in this portal

Stripe Integration

Integrates with Stripe so you do not have to sign into Stripe to manage your community.

Design your Homepage

Design the look and feel of your entire home page using our homepage builder.

Community Safety

Ban users with the click of a button. This feature auto-refunds and dismisses a member who may not be the best fit for your community.

Tech Support

Mordecai is here to help you every step of the way. If there is a problem that is not available to control from the portal, we'll either develop it, or help you fix the issue.

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