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Mordecai University

Teach your content your way with Mordecai University. Create courses and lessons with ease. Quiz your students to test their knowledge

Benefits of Mordecai University

Mordecai University was designed with two goals:

1) To help your members learn what you are trying to teach

2) To help bring additional revenue to your ministry


With the Mordecai University you can:

  • Grow your ministry while teaching correct theology without the fear of censorship.
  • Create structured courses and lessons to help the learning process.
  • Increase engagement in your community offering .
  • Test the knowledge of your members with quizzes.


Create structured courses or "categories" which contain one to many lessons in each category


Test the knowledge of your members by creating quizzes which are automatically graded. The user will know how well they are learning your material.


Each lesson is a video created and uploaded by you, to a course, teaching your material.


Earn additional income above and beyond your membership paywall by charging for courses. Courses may also be offered free of charge as supplementary content to the membership.

Beautifully Structured

Many nights with coffee and passionate hearts for the Kingdom rendered a beautiful, top tier design allowing your members to easily access and engage with your courses and lessons. 

Cutting-edge tools
that drive performance

Mordecai University works on your own mobile application as well as your own online portal branded in your ministry’s name and logo. It contains all the modern responsiveness to fit each device perfectly and beautifully 

Modern Responsive Design

Works on Desktop, iOS, Android, Blackberry, iPad and Tablets

Incredible Streaming

Using our line of content delivery servers and our in-house video conversion technology, your videos will stream fast for all of your members.

Advanced Interface

Let's face it, 5,000 clicks to reach your content is not acceptable. Our advanced interface features one-click lesson viewing where it makes the most sense to every user.

In House Designer

Design your courses and lessons your way using our in-house course designer. You dream it, you build it.

Advanced Searching

Using our in-house tagging system, you can enable highly advanced searching capabilities so your members can easily find what content they are looking for

SEO Built In

Our in-house tagging enhances SEO on both the front end and behind the scenes so your organic traffic increases.

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