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Mordecai Prayer Board

We say we'll pray for each other all the time on social media sites. But do we? Mordecai does it differently.

Introducing the Mordecai Prayer Board

Praying for people in a digital space can be difficult. We often say we will pray for someone, but how can we encourage those around us that we are actually following through? Our team thought long and hard about how to combine technology with prayer in a meaningful way that brings Glory to God while also allowing encouragement for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Introducing the Mordecai Prayer Board:

  • Request prayer by posting a prayer
  • Receive textual prayers as a response to a prayer post.
  • Send & receive audio recorded prayers for an individual.
  • Place members of the community on a prayer reminder list.
  • Visually see who is praying for you in your digital prayer circle

Post Prayers

Offer your members the ability to receive encouragement and prayers from your ministry and other members of the community .

Prayer List

Subscribe to reminders to pray for members you add to your prayer list. Receive recurring or single time reminders so that you never miss an opportunity to pray

Send & Receive Audio Prayers

Statistics show that people are much more likely to feel connected to an individual when hearing their voice vs reading their texts. We have integrated a way to record your prayer so other members can audibly hear you praying for them.

Prayer Circle

In a church, often, members will pray around an individual showing their support. With Mordecai you can view a digital prayer circle of members praying for you with your profile picture in the center, and the community around you with their prayers.

Customized Prayer Video

After a few prayers, members also receive a custom produced video visually showing their audio and text prayers received.

Featuring WebRTC & Mobile Hardware Technology

We utilize WebRTC for desktop users and mobile device microphones in order to record prayer audio. Now, members can record prayers anywhere, anytime.

Latest WebRTC Technology

WebRTC allows users of a traditional desktop platform to be able to use their microphone for recording audio prayers.


Pray for anyone anywhere on any device

Prayer Circle

Visually see who is praying for your and message them to thank them


Get a notification everytime someone prays for your right to your device

Text or Audio

Whether using text or audio, we let the prayer poster know that they are being prayed for in a meaningful way

Prayer Updates

Post updates to your prayers so we can see how our Mighty Lord moved as a result of His will

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