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Supplement your ministry content with our podcast/blog sections. Add your own private podcast and publish a private blog for members only.

Benefits of having a Podcast/Blog

Optionally add new and exciting content for your members engage in:

  • Create your own private podcast
  • Create your own private blog.
  • Categorize content & upload graphics to enhance the user experience.
  • Accessible on all platforms

Custom Podcast

Add one to many episodes of a private podcast for your members to listen to

AI Reading Calculations

Your members time is important. Using our artificially intelligent software, members will receive calculations on how long it will take them to read the blog based on their past reading time for each blog of each size.

Custom Blog

Add private blog posts highlighting whatever you'd like to blog about. Add blog photos and use our rich text editor to format your blog in a neat and readable way

Attachments / Comments

Post attachments with each podcast or blog and also receive comments on each post. Members can engage on a separate thread for each piece of content

Featuring an According GUI for quick access to content

Podcasts contain a beautifully crafted accordion graphical user interface for quick browsing and navigation. Episodes are sorted by newest to oldest and contain graphics and descriptions for each episode.

Secure Content

Your content is secure. We distribute over a variety of content delivery networks to ensure it is easily accessible, backed up and available.

Background Audio

Mobile background audio implementation allows members to listen to podcasts while in their vehicle or on the go.


Each piece of content allows for members to engage in conversation.

2-Click Listen

Select the podcast, click play. That's it! Members will not have a difficult time finding their podcast.

Beautiful Waveform Design

Your ministry should look cutting edge, and we think true-to-audio wave-forms of your podcast look pretty cool! We think your members will too!


Categorize your podcasts/blogs with like-content so members can stay within a category of interest.

Rich Text Editing

Structure blogs with our enhanced Rich Text Editor.

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