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Mordecai Community

Community is key in ministry memberships. We strive to pull the passion from each member and give the opportunity to express, engage and share those passions.

Benefits of the Mordecai Community

Most membership websites take payment and offer video content. Mordecai is different! Mordecai exists to offer the tools like-minded Christians need to engage and further their spiritual growth. Offering a community with your ministry allows your members to:

  • Engage and share in theological topics without the fear of censorship
  • Support each other by asking questions and sharing photos, links and videos for related content
  • Stay connected wherever they’re at via community notifications on desktop and mobile
  • Receive important updates from your ministry

Engage & Share

Members can post photos, video links and general discussions to a community board

Live Chat

An optional feature, the live chat allows members to connect with each other and further explore their discussions in a 1:1 conversion.

Stay Connected

Comment on member posts, reply to comments and reply to replies. With each interaction members can receive notifications right to their device to stay engaged.

Featured Content

Your ministry posts and content will be highlighted right on the community page so members can see what's new and further discuss the latest content

One central hub, thousands of interactions

The community is the highlight of the Mordecai software and the most utilized, so it’s no wonder we highlight it as the entry point to the membership paywall. Community engagements keep members supporting your ministry because they become trusted family members, sharing their passions, questions, vulnerabilities and more. 

Smooth, cutting edge interface

Our software feels familiar to members who are already used to general social media platforms. As a result, Mordecai was designed to be familiar to minimize the frustration of learning a new software. 

Focus on Ease

Each aspect of our community was designed to be simple. Simply write your content and post.

Community Engagement

Keep the conversation going with one click comments and replies.


Stay engaged on the go with notifications sent directly to your device.

Content Uploads

Upload photos to share personal or topic-related content with the community.

Embedded Videos

Have a video you want to share outside of Mordecai? Simply post a YouTube link and watch it directly embed in the post.

Who's Online?

Our optional members list relays who is online vs offline so you can engage with other passionate members right away.

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