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Video Content

One of the most effective ways to communicate in your ministry is via video. We've got you covered!

Benefits of Video for your Ministry

New, continual content keeps members engaged and informed. We’ve got you covered! Mordecai handles video uploads so your members can stay engaged.

  • Upload videos & share with the community in a dedicated video page.
  • Categorize your videos for easy viewing.
  • Videos are available on all devices.
  • Delivered globally for easy streaming.

Content Delivery Network

Video uploads get uploaded to our content delivery network for fast streaming across the globe

Available on all platforms

Videos are available on all platforms including desktop, iOS, Android, and Blackberry


Video content is backed up on multiple servers so you never have to worry about losing precious content

In-House Video Conversion

Using our in-house video conversion software, each video will be converted for the best viewing experience

Concentrated GUI

Our video page is categorizable, and sortable so your members can find the content they are looking for in a way that you know works for them.

Rapid Video Upload

Upload videos rapidly. We make it easy so you can continue to focus on your ministry and the content you provide your members.

Fast Streaming

By uploading your videos to our content delivery network, your members will be able to stream fast, regardless of location in the world.

Easy Admin Interface

Use our state-of-the-art admin interface to categorize and upload videos the way you see fit.

Video Conversion

We convert videos to a streamable format which keeps the video quality and reduces the size. Members with slower internet will be able to watch the videos much easier.

Safe Backups

We backup your videos so they stay safe.


Each video offers a separate thread for member conversation creating both engagement and conversation.


Add attachments to any video so you can provide supplemental content for your members.

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