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We provide software to help grow your ministry which includes a variety of features needed for engagement. These include videos, a community, a university, podcast, blog, prayer board and more. See the “Features” tab to learn more about our software.

Each client is unique, but generally there is no up front costs. We make money when your ministry makes money. We generally take a per-subscriber cut monthly, however there are unique circumstances where we have licensed our software as well in scenarios where a payment model does not make sense for a community.

Your content is backed up on a variety of servers and is secure. We also use SSL on all communities to conform and adapt with standard practices.

Yes, we are PCI compliant.

Because your content is behind a “paywall” bots and other internet scrapers cannot see content posted unless authenticated. While no content with an access level is 100% safe from being exposed, it minimizes your risk of being automatically categorized. Mordecai has never taken a client down to date for content. The only content Mordecai would ever remove would be illegal content such as pornography. Given the nature of our business, we do not anticipate any issues with our clients. 

Yes, Mordecai supports a variety of languages including Hebrew & Arabic and we have a natural right to left flow on our apps as well. 

You will have to pay for a yearly Apple subscription and a Google Play subscription in order to keep your apps up on the store. All Mordecai fees are disclosed in our contracts and are very straight forward. There are no hidden fees. 

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